This is my healing journal.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"I'll have aMcMoment please?' Part two

So, anyway, fast forward about a week. Our pastor of Christian Education was doing the announcements at church and he had a McMoment of his own to tell.

He and his wife Wanda had gone to McDonalds to eat a "Healthy" breakfast. While they were there, they saw this older guy come in and order a cup of coffee. He was on his cell phone talking to some people.

At first, Pastor Mike thought he was talking about models of planes. Then, it became obvious to him after a while, that what he was doing, was trying to help help bring the plane down. Pastor Mike and his wife stayed past the time they had intended, because they wanted to know the end of the story.

It turns out the couple was flying with their children on their way somewhere from Canada, when the husband past out over the controls. The guy was an on call airplane specialist. They called him while he was driving, and he pulled into the McDonalds and bought a cup of coffee while he helped the people via phone. What a story!

It pays to be there to pray for peple while they go through times like that.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'll have a McMoment, please?

I know. Fast Food is not healthy for you. However, what happens inside some of those places is.

I don't know how many times I've gotten the post about the woman who feeds the two homeless men breakfast, or the one about the guy walking around the country with Bibles to hand out, or the children who order ice cream after the little boy prays for his mother to do so. Who knows whether any of those stories are true. However, most of the time, when you go into one of those places, you see way too many people behaving badly.

Whenever I'm on worship team between the months of September and July, Bert and I are invariably seen cutting out of the church parking lot after worship team rehearsal and going to one of the fast food places to grab breakfast before church. We've been frequenting the McDonalds by the church more and more of late.

About a month ago, we went into McDonalds, bought our meal, sat down, blest the meal before we began to eat and began talking about the mundane things that had been happening through the week. Suddenly, one of the counter help came over and told us what a blessing we were to her and the other Christians who work there on Sunday, because we came through the line and treated everyone decently and then prayed over our meal. She said that a lot of times, they see people coming through the line behaving so badly and then praying over their meal. How sad!

We walked out of there, more determined than we had been before to always display that servan'ts attitude. I like how in "The Traveler's Gift" Andy Andrews has King Soloman point out the obvious that when you treat someone with the attitude of a servant, you truly will become a king. But, when you start treating people like you own them, you will lose your position of power. May I always remember the importance of treating people always with kindness.