This is my healing journal.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Update from Esther Ruth

I should be home soon. Bea received a call from Scott (Stretch) and he's been taking really good care of me. Will post more about how I'm doing once I'm home.

Esther Ruth from the Guitar hospital at Elderly Instruments.

P.S. Tom, she's bbeen reading your blog, and she wanted to make sure you told Bill V. she's fine and about ready to play again and to you both, she's ready to make the new CD, anything to be played again. She also told me that I need to have Stephen post about riding in old vintage cars, like the Scout on South Manitou Island. He is shy and says he doesn't want to post that yet. But, he said when he does, he'd like yu to tell your daughter about it.

Suzanne, she says thanks to you for saying she speaks eloquently. She just thinks she sings.

Everyone else, she just says hi to.


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